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Handmade candles create a great atmosphere, even when unlit. They are personal and made with love.

Candles add colour, fragrance and ambiance. Candles are simply beautiful and an essential part of any contemporary interior — and always make great gift to someone you care about. Handmade candles distinguish themselves from uniform, unimaginative factory-made candles. A handmade candle makes all the difference, even ‘regular’ dipped dinner candles can instantly be identified as unique. This makes traditionally produced candles highly saleable and become increasingly popular with audiences across the world.

Candle making is an attractive and profitable craft. Gildewerk supplies all ingredients, equipment, tools and other provisions required for small- or large-scale enterprise. And, with just a small investment, you can have wide-ranging options for producing attractive, creative candles.


Update your skillset with the latest trends and techniques in candle and soap making