Safety Data sheets

Here, you'll find information regarding the use of all our ingredients. Details appear in article number order here.

BIJ-00001 - Beeswax Yellow
BIJ-00007 - Beeswax White
BIJ-000XX - Beeswax

DGW-00001 - Moulding wax
DGW-00005 - Moulding mix

DPW-00004 - Dipping wax
DPW-00010 - Marble wax
DPW-00011 - Coating-Wachs

DPW-0002X - Wax-conditioner

DPW-00030 - Carving wax
DPW-00119 - Composition wax T119

GPA-00001 - Perfumed paraffin Vanilla
GPA-00003 - Perfumed paraffin Flores
GPA-00004 - Perfumed paraffin Ocean
GPA-00010 - Perfumed paraffin Rosemary-Thyme
GPA-00012 - Perfumed paraffin Mandarine

KLP-XXXXX - Colour tablets all colours)

LAK-00001 - Dipping paint Gold
LAK-00002 - Dipping paint Silver
LAK-00005 - Dipping paint Transparent
LAK-00010 - Dipping paint Mother-of-pearl
LAK-00011 - Dipping paint Ice gold
LAK-00012 - Dipping paint Ice silver
LAK-00013 - Dipping paint Frosted

LAK-00101 - Decorative Paint Gold
LAK-00102 - Decorative Paint Silver

OLI-00001 - Fragrance oil Citronella

SIL-00102 - Silicone rubber hardener
SIL-00105&SIL-00101 - Silicone rubber

STE-00007 - Stearine Stearine (plant-based)
STE-00008 - Stearine Chrystal stearine (plant-based)
STE-00015 - Stearine Super shrink

TER-00008 - Glue turpentine

WAX-00010 - Eco wax
WAX-00102 - Transparent paraffin
WAX-00110 - Plusmix
WAX-00600 - EcoSoy
WAX-00700 - Rapeseed Wax
WAX-00710 - Rapeseed Wax
WAX-00720 - Rapeseed Wax
WAX-40110 - wax4oil

YDD-00001 - Green Illite Clay
YDD-00002 - Scrub - Exfoliant
YDD-00003 - Shea Butter
YDD-00004 - Argile Blanche
YDD-00005 - Red Clay
YDD-00006 - Yellow Clay
YDD-00007 - Pink Clay
YDD-01001 - Shea Butter bio

YHV-00001 - Sweet Almond
YHV-00002 - Avocado
YHV-00003 - Borage
YHV-00004 - Carrot
YHV-00005 - Weat Germ
YHV-00006 - Apricot kernel
YHV-00007 - Grape Seed
YHV-00008 - Jojoba
YHV-00009 - Sesame
YHV-00010 - Olive
YHV-00011 - Argan
YHV-01001 - Argan Bio
YHV-01002 - Sesame Bio
YHV-01003 - Sweet Almond Bio
YHV-01011 - Argan Bio

YZS-0105 - Perfume oil Apricot
YZS-0125 - Perfume oil Citrus fruit
YZS-0145 - Perfume oil Algae
YZS-0148 - Perfume oil Almond
YZS-0149 - Perfume oil Ambient
YZS-0150 - Perfume oil Amber
YZS-0151 - Perfume oil Amyris
YZS-0164 - Perfume oil Aqua
YZS-0170 - Perfume oil Argan
YZS-0180 - Perfume oil Awapuhi
YZS-0201 - Perfume oil Baby
YZS-0206 - Perfume oil Bali
YZS-0209 - Perfume oil Bamboo Forest
YZS-0260 - Perfume oil Black Orchid
YZS-0301 - Perfume oil Camelia
YZS-0302 - Perfume oil Camomille
YZS-0303 - Perfume oil Cinnamon
YZS-0306 - Perfume oil Wild cherry
YZS-0328 - Perfume oil Honeysuckle
YZS-0330 - Perfume oil Chocolate
YZS-0333 - Perfume oil Lemon
YZS-0353 - Perfume oil Coconut
YZS-0355 - Perfume oil Cool Ocean
YZS-0404 - Perfume oil Dame
YZS-0457 - Perfume oil Don Juan
YZS-0579 - Perfume oil Eucalyptus
YZS-0645 - Perfume oil Fleur
YZS-0646 - Perfume oil Fleur Oranger
YZS-0647 - Perfume oil Fleur de Coton
YZS-0666 - Perfume oil Nostalgia
YZS-0668 - Perfume oil Wild strawberry
YZS-0669 - Perfume oil Raspberry
YZS-0801 - Perfume oil Hypodor
YZS-1001 - Perfume oil Jasmin
YZS-1005 - Perfume oil Jeunesse
YZS-1202 - Perfume oil Lavande de Provence
YZS-1203 - Perfume oil Lavande supreme
YZS-1233 - Perfume oil Lilas
YZS-1290 - Perfume oil Lychee Rose
YZS-1300 - Perfume oil Macchiato
YZS-1302 - Perfume oil Magnolia
YZS-1305 - Perfume oil Tangerine
YZS-1307 - Perfume oil Mango
YZS-1326 - Perfume oil Peppermint
YZS-1333 - Perfume oil Honey
YZS-1335 - Perfume oil Mimosa
YZS-1359 - Perfume oil Gardenia
YZS-1378 - Perfume oil Lily of the valley
YZS-1380 - Perfume oil Mulberry
YZS-1382 - Perfume oil Musc blanc
YZS-1453 - Perfume oil X-mas
YZS-1460 - Perfume oil Nubuck
YZS-1557 - Perfume oil Orange
YZS-1580 - Perfume oil Oudh
YZS-1605 - Perfume oil La Parisienne
YZS-1607 - Perfume oil Passion fruit
YZS-1610 - Perfume oil Patchouly
YZS-1615 - Perfume oil Peach
YZS-1620 - Perfume oil Peach Skin
YZS-1633 - Perfume oil Fir Tree
YZS-1658 - Perfume oil Apple
YZS-1850 - Perfume oil Rosemary
YZS-1853 - Perfume oil Wild rose
YZS-1854 - Perfume oil Tea-rose
YZS-1879 - Perfume oil Rush
YZS-1903 - Perfume oil Sandalwood
YZS-1910 - Perfume oil Scheherazade
YZS-1974 - Perfume oil Stimulation
YZS-2029 - Perfume oil Green tea
YZS-2033 - Perfume oil Lime-tree blossom
YZS-2059 - Perfume oil Tommy
YZS-2202 - Perfume oil Vanille
YZS-2203 - Perfume oil Vanille Soft
YZS-2217 - Perfume oil Lemon-verbena
YZS-2219 - Perfume oil Vetiver
YZS-2232 - Perfume oil Violette
YZS-2320 - Perfume oil Wild fig
YZS-2545 - Perfume oil Ylang-Ylang
YZS-2602 - Perfume oil Zardos

ZAH-01000 - Activator Activator Hand soap
ZAH-02000 - Activator Activator Shampoo
ZAH-03000 - Activator Activator Shower gel

ZGZ-01000 - Moulding soap
ZGZ-01500 - Bio Moulding soap

ZHR-00100 - Rose p├óle p├ętale
ZHR-00200 - Lavande Bio fleur
ZHR-00400 - Menthe feuille
ZHR-00500 - Fucus thalle
ZHR-00600 - Anis Vert fruit
ZHR-00700 - Arnica capitule floral
ZHR-00800 - Cacaoyer coque
ZHR-00900 - Citron ecorce
ZHR-01000 - Ghassoul
ZHR-01100 - Hamamelis feuille
ZHR-01200 - Melisse partie a├ęrienne
ZHR-01300 - Orange douce ├ęcorce
ZHR-01400 - Piment Doux poudre
ZHR-01500 - R├ęglisse naturelle graine poudre
ZHR-01600 - Souci Tango fleur Bio
ZHR-01700 - Verveine Odorante feuille Bio
ZHR-01800 - Thym de Provence feuille
ZHR-01900 - Romarin feuille

ZKK-01000 - Soap Colourant Opaque Red
ZKK-02000 - Soap Colourant Opaque Pink
ZKK-03000 - Soap Colourant Opaque Yellow
ZKK-04000 - Soap Colourant Opaque Blue
ZKK-05000 - Soap Colourant Opaque Purple
ZKK-06000 - Soap Colourant Opaque Green
ZKK-07000 - Soap Colourant Opaque Orange
ZKK-08000 - Soap Colourant Opaque Brown
ZKK-09000 - Soap Colourant Opaque Black
ZKK-10000 - Soap Colourant Opaque White
ZKK-20000 - Soap Colourant Opaque Naturel
ZKK-22000 - Soap Colourant Opaque Mint
ZKK-23000 - Soap Colourant Opaque Olive green

ZKO-00001 - Gildewerk 9242 RSPO
ZKO-00004 - Soap granules
ZKO-00005 - shaving cream granules
ZKO-00006 - Bio Soap granules
ZKO-00103 - Soap granules
ZKO-00159 - Bondillons de Savon 159

ZKV-01000 - Soap Colourant Transparant Red
ZKV-02000 - Soap Colourant Transparant Pink
ZKV-03000 - Soap Colourant Transparant Yellow
ZKV-04000 - Soap Colourant Transparant Blue
ZKV-05000 - Soap Colourant Transparant Purple
ZKV-06000 - Soap Colourant Transparant Green
ZKV-07000 - Soap Colourant Transparant Orange
ZKV-08000 - Soap Colourant Transparant Brown
ZKV-09000 - Soap Colourant Transparant Black

ZKZ-01000 - Soap Colourant White
ZKZ-02000 - Soap Colourant Blue
ZKZ-03000 - Soap Colourant Light Blue
ZKZ-04000 - Soap Colourant Yellow
ZKZ-05000 - Soap Colourant Purple
ZKZ-06000 - Soap Colourant Black
ZKZ-08000 - Soap Colourant Orange
ZKZ-09000 - Soap Colourant Red
ZKZ-10000 - Soap Colourant Green

ZPG-01000 - Pearly lustre

ZSC-01100 - Jojoba Blue
ZSC-01200 - Vitamin E
ZSC-0200X - Conditioner for shampoo
ZSC-05XX0 - Colour emulsifier

ZUH-01000 - Liquid soap base HV Universal
ZUH-01100 - Liquid soap base HV Universal extra mild
ZUH-02000 - Liquid Soap Base HV Universal floating

ZZB-0X000 - Bath salt

ZZC-01000 - Bath caviar